Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to save and create new jobs: Industrial Sector Capital Re-Investment Policy

If we buy a new machine from a company in Ohio, CA, or NH, that is a good thing. If we stave off our current reality of losing market share (manufacturing jobs) to countries like China…that would be awesome. It has been said that every automotive manufacturing job creates 9 other jobs.
I believe this to be true. Conversely, lose a manufacturing job and things tumble out of control with additional ancillary job loss.

The neat thing about cutting edge capital equipment is it is the best way to become more efficient, productive and lower unit cost. With lower unit cost we will compete more favorably with China and garner greater market share = job growth! If we get busier making widgets, we will require more UPS and Federal Express pickups…..and so it goes.

Hugh F. McCann Jr.

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